Jan 30, 2014

Brain Waves

Men to your stations
The enemy approaches
We fall for own creations
Carnality it, encroaches

The enemy has engaged
Our hull has been weakened
The brute left its cage
It has no capacity for reason

The battle has passed
Go and tally the damage
We lost so much so fast
Is there anything to salvage

Captain's left alone on the bridge
Here comes the brute
Nervous fingers feels its face and its ridges
Once commanding now mute

Mar 25, 2012


His mind resides in iniquity.

He sees a hint of light beneath the door. A knot is tied inside his core. He feels so light it makes him sick. His hands are numb, he can hear his heart tick.”Lift up your eyes,” The Voice says. Squinting his eyes , concentrates on what he is. The draft makes him shiver. No more arrows left in his quiver. He’s not tired he’s lazy. He’s not dumb he’s crazy. “How can he throw away such potential.” His peers question, while dancing to essentials. His address is written on the gutter. In front of groups he stutters. “Come on boy! Fix that rudder!” Letters lie half written. She can’t ever remember being smittened. “This place is a slow death.” Says the boy. He can see his breath. “Lift up your eyes, son.” Says The Voice. Its cold in here he just now noticed, he makes his choice.

Eyes lifted, His armor he’s fastening. 

Mar 21, 2012

Dirty Lips

He holds this shield for his family.
Ordered by his kings to kill.
His path is made bloody.
His kings have they’re fill.

They retire in their castles.
The opposition stays.
Dirty lips, command so facile.
His family waits.

Dinner they’ll have mutton.
He’ll be buried with his shield.
They can’t quite seem to…button.
Bastard now, they’re purse is sealed.

Oct 20, 2011


Don’t expect any favors,
too few are busy finding answers.
Never sooner, it’s always later.
Too many are busy watching actors.

They say they believe in Jesus.
He’s too busy finding lost sheep.
He’s not tending to us.
They never give, they’re too cheap.

Truth is what they say it is.
Red will now become blue.
It’s actually come down to this.
I wish the many,  were the few.

Jul 24, 2011

Gathering Pedals


Man dresses in vice
His kindness is cruel
Claims to be wise
Yet, he's made a fool

Finds only the pedals
But misses the flowers
Garnished in medals
He’s certain to cower

Man denies divinity
He only isolates
He doesn’t understand eternity
Wrath is all he cultivates

Jul 6, 2011

Love's New Banner

When all the ships, leave the harbor.
When all the anchors, have been raised.
I’ll be here in tempered armor.
Until glory we are phased.

When the last sword is swung,
And the flag is soiled and tattered.
A new song will be sung.
We’ll wave the Lord’s Love banner.

When the cannons leave their stations,
And all the sabers are sheathed.
We’ll have reached our destination.
Love’s new breath will be breathed.

Jun 26, 2011

Ten Years

Ten years ago I was seventeen. I was a junior in high school, who was beyond excited to go to Europe. It would be my first time. Most of the three years leading up to my junior year, were spent in the usual,  “awkward everyone will notice my pimples and love handles if I wear this shirt” way. This was a real opportunity to travel outside my own little Taft world. I wanted to see arches, bridges, buildings older than my native country. Mr. Kopp set up this ten and half day whirlwind trip. We stopped in England, France, and Italy. Most of those ten days were spent laughing, walking, and laughing. I made it a point to take as many mental pictures as possible. When I close my eyes, I still see our hotel rooms, my goofy roommates, those wonderful arches, and the cities that were kind of enough to have me.

 Ten years and nine countries later and I’m happily married. A man of 27 years, who knows what he wants to be when he grows up. I want my wife and I to live abroad, professional expats whose day job is adventure. The romantics involved with traveling no matter how grueling it can be haven’t lost its grip on me. When I look in the mirror the 17 year old with a souvenir barrette on looks back. The hard hat I wear, I tell myself is just temporary. When I come home to my dear Ina, she reminds me the present is just that, the present. The present time swiftly drifts into the past. 

Her and I are plenty ready to confront the future. We'll squash our oppressors, we'll welcome our ally's, and be charitable the to less fortunate. Were those people that will make it. We'll make you proud. 

So cheers to the next ten years. May they be better than the last! 

Apr 28, 2011


Count all your coins              
Holes in your pockets
Confuse them with boys
Launching chaos like rockets

Change them like clothes
Men are always on sale
Too bad your heart is closed
Don’t be surprised when you fail

Tragedy favors the impulsive
No one always sees you
Selfishness digs the deepest rifts
 These babies need two

You’ll always be thirsty
Love ...

Mar 26, 2011

Fading Foundations

Hold your tongue!
We demand your respect!
This is what they sung.
It was to that effect.

Gathering together nothing,
in hopes of relevance.
Their foundation buckling,
masking pride with eloquence.

Mocked are their critics.
They twist the past,
to fit the lyrics.
Good questions are never asked.

Mar 5, 2011

Shes there.

She doesn't have to,
She does though.

She sees it through,
She loves her Lowell.

I'm so scattered,
she all together.

The sky is in tatters,
she touches like a feather.

Dear Jesus


    Theres a rising tide of skepticism.
    Orthodoxy is a lonely island, whose shore line recedes.
    What answers can quench the onslaught of doubt.
    Poverty grips your creation.
    Nature swallows us whole.
    Uncertainty rejects the wavering.
    Fortune only finds a few.
    The Earth groans in agony.
    We wait eagerly for your return.
    In the meantime help us to answer, to feed, to heal, and most of all to love.

In your name, Amen

Mar 1, 2011

A Gentlemen Forgotten

Chivalry is a gentlemen forgotten.

Left only in stories once told.

Faded by those who've become rotten.

By desires who rival the luster of gold.

Fare thee well o'code of morals.

Your simply too slow.

Fear not for it is us! Sitting at the controls.

No longer stunted, we grow.

We are free from bondage at last!

They sang & praised.

While the zealots prayed and fast.

Not for understanding, but for society razed.

Zealots kept the chains too tight.

Repulsing their young.

Pure at first, soon debauchery became their right.

Both are guilty yet repentance is never sung.

Feb 27, 2011

A Foreign Moon

What haunts me the most, is this aching feeling of that I've walked down the path well traveled. I've been on my fair share of adventures, I'd like to think. Once you've tasted adventure, once you've tasted life outside those walls, once you've savored the aroma of a life that could be, it will never leave you alone.

There are these moments during the waking hours that seem to help. I close my eyes and focus certain places, dreams, and being with my wife. For those moments I'm there where I'm supposed to be. I'm in her arms, drinking tea under a foreign moon.

I know where I'm supposed to be. I'm not exactly sure on how to get there, but I certainly know how not to get there.

Fruit Stand

Mohamed Bouazizi sets himself on fire. The world as we know it changes. This guy couldn't find a job. A young man like him was abused by his government. He couldn't find work so he decides to sell fruit on the street. He's beaten and spat on for not having a proper license. I'm not sure why he chose fire. So he tries to kill himself in protest by setting himself on fire. He later died in the hospital. He's now a ma...what? wait wait is that Charlie Sheen! Whats he up too now? I hope they start Two and Half men up again! Its my favorite show. Did you hear that Oprah is now a vegan? She's so smart. Lyndsey Lohan missed her court date again! I can't believe how high gas is. 

Feb 25, 2011

The hook

His slender fingers and his slender nose ignored her self centered pose.

Center of the room she beamed her eyes and made them tell lies. He feels like he looks, while his nose finds the

books. She turns them on high,... 

Her neighbors drool and sigh.  She sees him leaving, she puts herself on show, hes not ignoring hes not noticing.

She wants what she cant cant have.

Her eyes crave his, the man with the book, leaving bare her hook.  

The neighbors don't catch on and scramble. Shes leaving them, for him I suppose?

Feb 18, 2011

55 > 25

There is this pressure to do as much as you can while your young. I like the thought of working hard while I'm young so I don't have to do it while I'm old. Then the other side of this is this totally unsettling feeling that your a failure because you haven't attained the dreams you've set yourself before you turn thirty. Well I'm sure its okay if your not a globe trotting millionaire by the age of 25. In fact its quite ok.

I'd rather be the mature, seasoned, globe trotting, 55 year old who knows a thing or two about life. Theres something to be said about aging, maturing, ripening. I know too many hard headed 30 year olds whose only been able to attain unsurmountable debt.

Take it easy its okay. If your 27 and your dream seems farther than the moon, your stuck at your job, don't give up.