Feb 18, 2011

55 > 25

There is this pressure to do as much as you can while your young. I like the thought of working hard while I'm young so I don't have to do it while I'm old. Then the other side of this is this totally unsettling feeling that your a failure because you haven't attained the dreams you've set yourself before you turn thirty. Well I'm sure its okay if your not a globe trotting millionaire by the age of 25. In fact its quite ok.

I'd rather be the mature, seasoned, globe trotting, 55 year old who knows a thing or two about life. Theres something to be said about aging, maturing, ripening. I know too many hard headed 30 year olds whose only been able to attain unsurmountable debt.

Take it easy its okay. If your 27 and your dream seems farther than the moon, your stuck at your job, don't give up. 

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