Mar 25, 2012


His mind resides in iniquity.

He sees a hint of light beneath the door. A knot is tied inside his core. He feels so light it makes him sick. His hands are numb, he can hear his heart tick.”Lift up your eyes,” The Voice says. Squinting his eyes , concentrates on what he is. The draft makes him shiver. No more arrows left in his quiver. He’s not tired he’s lazy. He’s not dumb he’s crazy. “How can he throw away such potential.” His peers question, while dancing to essentials. His address is written on the gutter. In front of groups he stutters. “Come on boy! Fix that rudder!” Letters lie half written. She can’t ever remember being smittened. “This place is a slow death.” Says the boy. He can see his breath. “Lift up your eyes, son.” Says The Voice. Its cold in here he just now noticed, he makes his choice.

Eyes lifted, His armor he’s fastening. 

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